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Edward full arm guard Discontinued

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Información sobre el producto "Edward full arm guard Discontinued"

Discontinued, only while stocks last   

The full armguard from the "Edward" series is big enough to be worn on top of a gambeson and even the padded jacket with an additional chain mail.
The upper part is being fixed to the spaulders on the inner side. The arm guard itself is then fitted to the wearers arm by the straps and buckles on upper arm, elbow and forearm.
The inner elbow is being protected by the "shell", as the plate piece on the outside of the guard is called. The forearm is closed inside a two-piece pipe - you will not need any bracers in addition to this piece here.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Colours: blank, browned with blank edges

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Discontinued, only while stocks last   These greaves were built with a bigger inner diameter to be worn by bigger heroes and on top of padded leg protection. They have a beading surrounding the edge, just as well as rivets for decoaration. The foot part is cut out lower, so they can rest comfortably on the foot and protect the ankles. The swung shape of the greaves makes them look even more exclusive. They are being closed with two buckle-straps. Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: blank, browned with blank edges

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Simon shirt black Discontinued
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Discontinued, only while stocks last   This pair of massive spaulders is built with additional blade turners attached on top of the shoulder parts. This makes every wearer appear even bigger. The spaulders are built from two parts (shoulder and upper arm) and are being attached on the collar or torso of an exsisting armour and fixed to the wearers upper arm to hold them in place. This way they stay in place and will disturb the wearers movement only a little. The spaulders are made in the style of the "Edward" armour: a ridge along the edge and many decorative rivets surrounding it. The pieces for the upper arm are something very special: they are built anatomically, so that they rest on the upper arm very tight and comfortably. Material: 1,2mm steel Colour: blank, browned with blank edges

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