Dragomir armour belt browned medium with storage damage

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Storage damage, only while stocks last Storage damage means that the item is 100%... more
Product information "Dragomir armour belt browned medium with storage damage"

Storage damage, only while stocks last

Storage damage means that the item is 100% functional, but may have superficial storage damage. That could be light scratches or a rust stain, or just a damaged box in our warehouse.

The "Dragomir" plate armor is incredibly elaborate. It consists of a multitude of lames and finely shaped elements which, when combined, result in extraordinary armor that can hardly be more agile. Every part by "Dragomir" is carefully flanged, decorated with beads and coordinated with one another. They impress with their shape and the masterful execution that makes this armor so unique.

If you like it a little less decorated and want to save some money, you should check out "Dragomir's" brother "Rikomer". Technically identical, "Rikomer" dispenses the decorative beads in favor of a more brutal look and a lower price.

Armor like this is usually only available as a custom-made product and we had to fiddle a long time before we could get it ready for series production. Of course, the fit must and can be optimized here and there by careful bending, but we have designed the armor in such a way that it can be carried into the field with maximum comfort. The individual parts are burnished to protect against rust and are particularly suitable for dark knights or fighters of chaos.

We generally recommend wearing a gambeson and arm & leg paddings under plate armor. This significantly improves wearing comfort and protection.

Material: steel, leather

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