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Payment method

At Medieval-Outlet.shop we work with PayPal and Stripe as payment partners. All available payment methods enable us to receive payment immediately, which means that the order can be processed directly. This way we can avoid double bookings, since we primarily offer remaining items in small quantities on Medieval-Outlet.shop

Please understand that we cannot offer payment in advance/bank transfer on Medieval-Outlet.shop

Order Preparation

Once you've placed your order, it normal takes 2-3 working days to prepare, pack and leave our warehouse.

At extremely busy times it can take up to 10 working days for orders to leave our warehouse.

Shipping costs

Within Germany we ship either with DHL for 5.90 € or UPS for only 6.00 €, as well as free shipping from a purchase value of 100.00 €!

In addition, within Germany there is the possibility of UPS Express shipping for only 9.90 €, so that your order will reach you even faster. From an order value of 250.00 €, this express option is even free of charge. Please note that UPS does not make deliveries on Saturday.

Country   Shipper Shipping Costs Shipping costs at 150€ and over
Austria DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 14,90 € 12,90 €
Belgium DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Bulgaria DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 15,90 € 13,90 €
Denmark DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Finland DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 14,90 € 12,90 €
France DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 14,90 € 12,90 €
Greece DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Great Britain DHL 25,00 €  Shipping flat rate
Ireland DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 15,90 €
Italy DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 14,90 € 12,90 €
Liechtenstein DHL 25,00 €  Shipping flat rate
Luxembourg DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Netherlands DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
DHL 30,00 € Shipping flat rate    
Poland DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 13,90 € 11,90 €
Portugal DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Romania DHL 22,90 € 19,90 €
UPS 15,90 € 13,90 €
Sweden DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 14,90 € 12,90 €
Slovakia DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 13,90 € 11,90 €
Slovenia DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 13,90 € 11,90 €
Spain DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Czech Republic DHL 14,90 € 12,90 €
UPS 17,90 € 14,90 €
Hungary DHL 16,90 € 14,90 €
UPS 15,90 € 13,90 €
Australia Shipping costs will be calculated
after the order is ready to ship.*
UPDATE: Due to international delays shipping
to Australia can currently take up to 8+ weeks!
We unfortunately have no influence on this.
Canada Shipping costs will be calculated
after the order is ready to ship.*
USA Please contact our partner www.medievalcollectibles.com
Russia Shipping costs will be calculated
after the order is ready to ship.*
Switzerland 25,00 € shipping flat rate.
Alternatively you can use the MeinEinkauf.CH Service.


*) For a quick and uncomplicated handling of the shipment we charge a lump sum of €100. After the individual calculation of the actual shipping costs we will refund the balance immediately. Should the shipping costs exceed €100 our customer support will contact you.

Conditions of delivery

(1) The dispatch choice is exclusively made by the shipper. Partial deliveries can be made to an extend, which is acceptable for the customer.

(2) If the customer pays via PayPal or bank transfer, the shipping will only be done after the incoming booking of the complete payment (including shipping costs) to the account of the shipper.

(3) If the ordered article is temporarily not available in stock, the customer will be informed about the delay as soon as possible.

(4) If the product is permanently not available, the provider will waive the declaration of acceptance. A conclusion of contract will not happen in this case.

(5) If the customer should transfer a wrong or incomplete delivery adress and this leads to additional costs for the shipper (for a second delivery, for instance), the costs will be reversed to the customer.

Reservation of property rights

All delivered goods stay property of the Mytholon GmbH, until the customer pays all costs for the articles and shipping.


Prices and shipping costs

(1) All prices seen on the website of the provider include the German VAT. If the shipment is ordered from a country outside of the EU, there will be additional fees for customs and taxes. Those are to be payed by the purchaser, not to the shipper, but to the local authorities. Purchasers are asked to inform on those fees at the local customs offices and/or local authorities themselves.

(2) Price changes are permissible, if more than four months elapse between the purchase and the delivery of goods. The provider may change the sales prices if the delivery date and the date of purchase extend more than four months in time. The provider is authorized to raise prices according to salary raises, material costs raises and shipping cost raises. The customer can only resign from the contract, if the prices' raise extends massively compared to the average living costs raise.

(3) The correspondent shipping costs for the shipping inside the EU are presented to the customer on the order sheet and have to be payed by the customer, if not contradicted with the right of revocation. Orders made from non-EU countries will receive individually calculated shipping costs (please contact our support on outlet@mytholon.com).

(4) The shipping of the articles is done postal. The distribution risk is carried by the shipper, not the receiver, if he in this case is a customer.

(5) The customer will have to carry the expenses for any return, as the delivered goods are the ones ordered. In all other cases the shipper will carry the costs.

Payment arrangements

(1) The customer can choose from the following payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer (only by request).

(2) The customer can change the payment method inside his user profile at all times.

(3) The payment is due immediately after the conclusion of the contract between customer and shipper. The total price plus shipping costs is due 7 days after receiving the payment notice. If the customer fails to meet the deadline, the provider may charge an additional 5% interest on default and another 8% at the beginning of distortion.

(4) The clients commitment to payment of interest on default does not waive the assertion of future distortion damage by the provider.